Top 4 Things to Do in Tokyo, Japan: 2020 Guide

There are plenty of things from the latest trendy spots to classic tourist attractions that you can experience in Tokyo, Japan. If you intend to visit in 2020, you must decide what to see. You should do your research to make the most out of your trip. It is best that you download the hyperdia app on your smartphone to quickly get you from one place to another while you’re in Tokyo. Here, I’m going to discuss the four best things that you can attempt:


Experience Robot Restaurants

If you’re into high-tech entertainment, then experiencing robot restaurants in Tokyo must be on top of your bucket list. When visiting these restaurants, you cannot expect to have great meals and tasty food, but I promise that you can have real fun. At first, you may find robot restaurants a bit unrealistic. Indeed, it is the most entertaining and crazy thing to watch robotic shows while dining. You can expect to enjoy high tech machine extravaganza with a touch of flashy neon lights. It is noted that roughly 10 billion yen worth theme restaurants are situated in the area of Shinjuku Kabukicho. In Tokyo, this largest red-light district has to offer unlimited fun. It is often quoted that this “district never sleeps.” So if you desire to visit the best and unique night-out spots, then you should absolutely experience the Robot Restaurant.

Visit Yayoi Kusama Museum

You should visit the Yayoi Kusama museum when you’re in Tokyo, Japan. This museum is located on the suburban side of Shinjuku. It is a piece of the beautiful architect that you cannot miss on the opportunity to witness its building. It has a smooth white structure with five stories high. The work is totally inspired by Yayoi Kusama. The slim building of the museum owns a bulk of wonderful art pieces, including the “infinity room” series of Yayoi Kusama. You can also expect to watch polka-dotted paintings & sculptures.  Due to the fantastic artwork, hundreds of thousands of travelers and visitors are attracted to the museum. In fact, management has put limitations on the number of daily visitors. It is said that only 200 guests can visit the museum each day. So trust me, you can hope to have great fun visiting this museum.

Gaze from Tokyo Skytree

If you’re someone who is not afraid of heights, then gazing out from Tokyo Skytree is the best thing that you can experience in Japan. You can surely catch spectacular views from the top. You can expect safe observation decks. You wouldn’t go wrong with spending your evening on the world’s tallest tower. It is said that the Tokyo Skytree is 634 meter high, which is approximately 2,080 foot. On brighter days, you might get lucky to see Mount Fuji from the top of Skytree. This tower offers 360-degree views of Tokyo. On your way up to the decks, you can also check on the boutiques. Besides, you can find many dining and shopping options at the base of the Skytree tower.

Rental Go-Kart

Have you ever wanted to drive like super Mario? Well, while you’re in Tokyo, it’s high time that you experience the best Go-Kart. It is always an excellent option to try special activities, unique culture, and traditional fun methods when you’re exploring a new city or country. Similarly, when it comes to Tokyo, Go Kart has been the top Japanese activity to experience. Nowadays, Go-Kart in Tokyo is the preferred activity by the locals and international visitors. It allows you to drive in your favorite costume. For instance, you get to drive Go Kart in Mario’s outfit just like the video game. It is like Mario Kart! You get to drive through different areas of Tokyo, like Shibuya, Akihabara, etc. You can even race with a group. However, you will need to obtain a valid international driver’s license to experience Go Kart.

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