How to choose a good hotel in Paris

The capital of France, the « City of Light » for some or « City of Love » for others, is one of the most popular destinations among all European capitals. Its good climate, its great cultural attraction, its special atmosphere and its many tourist attractions make it a compulsory place to travel, at least once in a lifetime, for all those who consider themselves in love with travel. Different areas, neighborhoods and very different spaces make it difficult to select a hotel.


Here are some guidelines to try to facilitate this task a little, taking into account the Parisian corner you prefer to choose, the type of trip you are going to do (pleasure or work, for example)
and many other factors that may be taken into account at the time of selecting a lodging according to your characteristics.

Choose a good hotel in Paris

Step 1. First, you should use a map (paper or virtual) and locate the points of interest of your trip.

These will undoubtedly coincide with the main tourist attractions of the French capital, if what we are planning is a pleasure trip, but they will differ from these if it is a business trip or an
expedition with more defined characteristics.

If it is a pleasure trip, you have to know that Paris does not have all its tourist attractions or main attractions in a single place or bounded neighborhood, so you must prioritize to choose one or another area since the perfect place to stay depends on to a large extent of you, and of your interests. For your info, Paris is organized into districts.

Step 2. Once you have clear the previous point, it is about starting to search.

If you want to find an accommodation that is worth according to quality / price, it is necessary to book soon (or wait until the last moment to hunt an offer, but this It’s a bit more risky since you can run out of hotel and have to pay a lot more later). If you’re lack of money and have a bad credit history, short term loans bad credit is a good solution.

In the 1st district it will be more complicated to find an affordable accommodation according to quality / price, since, being the heart of the city, hotels are more expensive, but if you have time
and desire to look, you could find some good offer. We recommend that you start your search around the Basilica of the Sacred Heart or between districts 8 and 20 (unless you must go to a specific place). These districts surround the center of the capital, and as public transport is fluid, they become a good solution to find a combination with a good quality / price ratio.

Step 3. To start your search, the best option is to use an online search engine for hotels.

Use an online search engine such as booking, and start comparing offers from different areas. Using a search engine will make your job a lot easier and you will also find different offers that change over time. The search engines are usually easy to use and you can search the areas on the map, limit the accommodations by prices, and find them defined according to very different and complete characteristics.

And of course, one of the best advantages of using search engines is that thanks to them you will be able to know the quality of the hotel before you have stayed in it. This happens because most of them incorporate « comments and criticisms », where guests who have already passed by will incorporate their comments, and in many cases also their score (according to criteria such as cleanliness, quality of food etc.) , which will be of great help when it comes to choosing one accommodation or another.

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